Disability Services

Disability Services at the Polls

Arlington’s polling places provide services to accommodate voters with disabilities.

  • All polling places offer wheelchair accessibility, and each has an accessibility-friendly device that sits either on a table or a wheelchair-accessible booth.
  • The accessible voting device has an audio ballot that allows blind voters to cast their ballots without assistance. If a voter with limited vision prefers to vote a touch-screen, the type on the screen can be enlarged and the contrast adjusted as need.
  • The touch screen on the accessible device helps voters with physical limitations who can’t mark a paper ballot vote with assistance. The device also supports sip-and-puff attachments.
  • Voters who can’t enter a polling place due to physical limitations can vote curbside. When they reach a polling place, these voters can send someone into the polls on their behalf to ask an election officer to bring a ballot out to the car.
  • Each polling place has a magnifying device for voters who may have difficulty reading the ballot.
  • Voters who need assistance in casting a ballot due to physical or educational disabilities can request assistance. Voters may bring an assistant with them into the voting booth, or they can ask an election officer to assist.
  • Voters should contact the Office of Voter Registration at 703-228-3456 to report polling place accessibility problems.

If you’ve been designated a poll watcher for an upcoming election, review Arlington’s Guidelines for Poll Watchers to ensure you comply with the appropriate procedures and laws on Election Day.