Lost or Damaged Absentee Ballots

 If you damage, incorrectly mark (spoil) or lose your original absentee ballot, or if you never received it, you can:

Call the Office of Elections at 703-228-3456. We can send you a replacement if there’s enough time before the election, but you must first return the damaged or spoiled ballot to us. If you damaged or spoiled your ballot, or never received it, you must complete a statement to that effect.

  • Visit our office, where we can issue your replacement ballot to you, up until the polls close at 7 pm on Election Day
  • Bring your damaged or spoiled ballot to your polling place on Election Day, where you can vote once you turn your ballot over to an election officer. If you lost or never received your ballot, you can vote a Provisional Ballot at the polling place on Election Day — this ballot won’t be counted on Election Day, but once we verify we didn’t receive your absentee ballot, we’ll accept and count your Provisional Ballot.
  • A voter with an illness or disability who can’t come to our office may designate an individual to pick up and return a replacement ballot on your behalf

For more information on lost or damaged absentee ballots, contact our office at 703-228-3456.

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