Upcoming Elections

Polling Place Hours on all Election Days: 6 am-7 pm

Democratic Primary Election: Tuesday, June 9, 2015

General Election: Tuesday, November 3, 2015

About Arlington’s Voting System

The General Election on Nov. 3., 2015 will include the offices of Senate of Virginia (30th, 31st, and 32nd Districts), Virginia House of Delegates (45th, 47th, 48th, and 49th Districts), County Constitutional Offices (Clerk of Court, Commonwealth’s Attorney, Sheriff, Commissioner of Revenue, and Treasurer), County Board (two seats), and School Board.

Primaries: The Democratic party will select their nominees for County Board and House of Delegates, 45th District, on Tuesday, June 9. See Official Notice of Primary Election.

June 2105 Primary Sample Ballot, County Board

June 2015 Primary Sample Ballot, 45th House of Delegates and County Board

Republicans will select their nominees for all offices at party meetings or caucuses, to be held at dates to be announced. The Republican party has until June 9 to select nominees. For more information, contact the Arlington County Republican Committee.

Independent candidates may run for any office, and must file to run by June 9.

School Board: Under Virginia law, all School Board candidates run as independents, but they may be endorsed by a political party. The Arlington County Democratic Committee will hold an endorsement caucus May 14 and 16 for candidates who wish to seek the party’s endorsement. Two candidates have filed to run in the endorsement caucus; the winner will continue to the ballot in Nov. and the other candidate will withdraw from the race, according to party rules. For more information, contact the Arlington County Democratic Committee.

June 9, 2015 Democratic Primary Candidates

Office Candidates
House of Delegates, 45th District
These five precincts only
will see this race on their ballot:
003 Aurora Hills, 012 Fairlington, O22 Abingdon,
032 Oakridge, 042 Shirlington
Mark H. Levine (D)
Julie N. Jakopic (D)
Clarence K. Tong (D)
L. M. “Larry” Altenburg II (D)
Craig T. Fifer (D)
County Board (two seats up for election)
All precincts will see this race
on their ballot.
Christian E. Dorsey (D)
Andrew F. Schneider (D)
Peter C. Fallon (D)
Kate A. “Katie” Cristol (D)
James S. Lander (D)
Bruce A. Wiljanen (D)


Known Candidates, as of April 15, 2015, for the Nov. 3, 2015 General Election 

Note: Political party affiliation does not appear on the official ballots for local office candidates but is provided here for your information.

Office Candidates
Senate of Virginia, 30th District Adam Ebbin (D), incumbent
Senate of Virginia, 31st District Barbara Favola (D), incumbent
George Forakis (R)
Senate of Virginia, 32nd District Janet Howell (D), incumbent
House of Delegates, 45th District (See above; Democrats will choose one of the
above as their nominee in a primary on June 9.
All other candidates have until June 9 to file for office.)
House of Delegates, 47th District Patrick Hope (D), incumbent
House of Delegates, 48th District Rip Sullivan (D), incumbent
House of Delegates, 49th District Alfonso Lopez (D), incumbent
Clerk of Circuit Court Paul Ferguson (D), incumbent
Commonwealth’s Attorney Theo Stamos (D), incumbent
Sheriff Beth Arthur (D), incumbent
Commissioner of Revenue Ingrid Morroy (D), incumbent
Treasurer Carla De La Pava (D), incumbent
County Board (two seats up for election) (See above; Democrats will choose two
of the above as nominees in a primary on June 9.
All other candidates have until June 9 to file for office.)
Audrey Clement (I)
Mike McMenamin (I)
School Board Sharon Dorsey
Reid Goldstein
(The above two candidates will
compete for Democratic endorsement at a
caucus May 14/16 
(see above), after which
the unsuccessful candidate 
will withdraw
from the race.
All other candidates have until June 9 to file for office.)


All Arlington voters will see the five Constitutional offices, along with County Board and School Board, on their November ballots. In addition, all voters will have one each of the above Virginia Senate and House of Delegates offices.

Not sure which Senate/House Districts you are in? Check your registration record to find out.