Work at the Polls on Election Day

Each year, the Arlington County Electoral Board appoints over 900 citizens to work at the polls on Election Days to ensure elections are run in an honest and well-organized manner.

Who can work at the polls?

  • Registered Virginia voters who
  • Don’t hold an elected office or work for an elected official and
  • Available from 5 am – 9 pm or later on Election Day
  • Enjoy meeting people and serving the public
  • Possess detail-oriented skills, can take direction well and can easily ignore distractions

What do pollworkers do?

  • Set up precincts for the election
  • Check voters’ names off precinct lists
  • Provide assistance and instructions in using the voting machines
  • Tabulate the results at the close of the polls; and
  • Clean up the polling place.

Is Training Provided?

Yes. All Election Officers are required to attend a two-hour training class. Classes are held prior to each election at several locations. A schedule of training classes is included with your assignment information for each election.

Are Pollworkers Paid?

Yes, Election Officers receive $175 for each election day worked. Each precinct also has a Chief and Assistant Chief Election Officer. Chiefs are paid $230, and Assistant Chiefs receive $200. Election Officers must work at least one general election before being considered for Chief or Assistant Chief positions.

Ready to apply?

Apply to Work at the Polls

I’ve applied. Now what?

Once you’ve submitted an application, we will verify your eligibility and contact you if we have any questions. Once your eligibility has been determined, we will send you an appointment email with additional instructions. Election Officers must be appointed each year by our Electoral Board.

Election Officer Resources

Access your assignment, training materials, and other informations for Election Officers already working.