Name Change or Address Update

Update Your Voter Registration Address

To be eligible to vote, you must be registered at your current residence address. For general and primary elections, the deadline to register is 21 days before the election.

To update your voter registration address:

  • Complete a new Virginia Voter Registration Application. If you were a registered voter in another state and have moved to Virginia, you must complete the Virginia application to register in Virginia. Registered Virginia voters can also use this application form to update their name or address within Virginia. (For other ways to obtain an application, see Register to Vote.)
  • Complete the Address change form (for Arlington registered voters only): If you’re currently an Arlington registered voter and have moved within the County, you can use this form to update your name or address. You can also use the change of address form on the back of your voter registration card.
  • Note: Virginia law requires all voter registration record changes to be authorized by the voter’s signature, so we can’t update your record by email unless you include a scanned, signed attachment. Visit the office, fax or mail the changed information to the Office of Voter Registration (Arlington registered voters only). It must include your:
    • Full name
    • Social Security Number (last four digits only)
    • Old address and/or name
    • New address and/or name
    • Date of your move
    • Signature

Fax your information to 703-228-3659 or mail it to the contact address listed below.

Where’s my political party affiliation? Remember in Virginia we do not register to vote by political party, so this information doesn’t appear on your registration record. This means that any registered voter is eligible to vote in any primary election administered by the Office of Elections. if both the Democratic and Republican parties hold primaries on the same day, voters must choose which party ballot they wish to vote.

Cancel Your Voter Registration

Complete a Request to Cancel Your Voter Registration form if you no longer live in Virginia or wish to cancel your Virginia voter registration for other reasons. Fax, scan and email, or snail mail your completed form to our office. Contact information is listed below.