2021 Elections

Polling Places are open 6 a.m.-7 p.mWhere Do I Vote?

School Board Caucus

School Board candidates run as independents in Virginia and cannot be nominated by a party in a primary. The Arlington Democrats is running an endorsement process for this office May 17 - 23. Our Office is not affiliated with this process. To learn more, contact the Arlington Democrats

June 8, 2021 Democratic Primary Election 

Arlington has 3 different ballots for the Primary depending on the House District you live in. To find out your House District, look up your voter record online OR your address to find what's your ballot

Sample Ballots:   45th HD(PDF, 1MB)     47th & 48th HD(PDF, 2MB)       49th HD(PDF, 2MB)        Notice of Candidate Withdrawal(PDF, 84KB)

Office Candidates

Terry R. McAuliffe

Jennifer L. McClellan

Jennifer D. Carroll Foy

Lee J. Carter

Justin E. Fairfax

Lieutenant Governor

Hala S. Ayala

S. "Sam" Rasoul

Andria P. McClellan

Elizabeth R. Guzman (Withdrew 4/22)

Sean A. Perryman

Mark H. Levine

Xavier JaMar Warren

Attorney General

Jerrauld C. "Jay" Jones

Mark R. Herring

 House of Delegates, 45th District

Mark H. Levine

Elizabeth B. Bennett-Parker

 House of Delegates, 47th District  No Primary
 House of Delegates, 48th District  No Primary
 House of Delegates, 49th District

Alfonso H. Lopez

Karishma N. Mehta

County Board (1 Seat)

Takis P. Karantonis

Chanda Choun

Republican Party Primary Election 

The Republican party did not call for any primary elections in Arlington. There is not a Republican Primary in Arlington on June 8, 2021.

November 2, 2021 General Election

On the ballot will be the offices of Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Attorney General, House of Delegates (45th, 47th, 48th, and 49th Districts), County Board (1 seat), and School Board (1 seat).

The list of candidates will be updated as more information is available. 

(D) = Democrat    (R) = Republican     (I) = Independent

Office Candidates
Lieutenant Governor
Attorney General
 House of Delegates, 45th District  
 House of Delegates, 47th District  Patrick Hope (D)
 House of Delegates, 48th District  Richard "Rip" Sullivan, Jr (D)
 House of Delegates, 49th District  
County Board (1 Seat) Audrey Clement (I)
School Board (1 Seat)