Online Training

2020 General Election Training

Election Day Guide(PDF, 4MB) - Complete guide to working at the polling place for Chiefs and Assistant Chiefs.
Election Day Cheat Sheet(PDF, 581KB) - Two-pager covering key procedures for election officers.
Election Officer Training Slides(PDF, 15MB)
– Review slides after you complete your interactive course
Attorney General Advisory Opinion on Voter Intimidation

Full List of Acceptable Identifications(PDF, 783KB)

Additional Training Resources

Sample Form Training Packet - 2020 General Election(PDF, 2MB)
Election Security – “How We Secure Elections”
Provisional Ballot Training

Election Equipment Training Videos

The links below will open a YouTube video in a separate window.


Delivery of Voting Equipment


Setting up the Poll Pad

Packing up the Poll Pad

Voting Stations

Setting up the Voting Stations

Packing the Voting Stations




Ballot Box Setup

Opening the Scanner Part I

Opening the Scanner Part II

Shutdown the Scanner

Packing up the Scanner







Ballot Marking Device

Opening the Ballot Marker

Shutdown the Ballot Marker

Packing up the Ballot Marker