Work at the Polls

Election Officers & Volunteers

News (updated 10/31/2020)

  • Remember to study up this weekend!  The Election Day Guide and Election Day Cheat Sheet are both available on the online training page.
  • All assignments for the 2020 election for volunteers, high school pages, election officers, and early voting workers are full and complete.
  • Training is complete for this election. Thanks to the more than 800 election officers and over 100 high school students who will be out assisting Arlington voters on Election Day.  Make us proud!

Become an Election Officer

Election Officers are an essential position that serve voters at polling places on Election Day and during early voting.  To serve, you must be a registered Virginia voter.  High school students and volunteers can also work at polling places or assist with election-related activities.  Learn more:
Apply to Be an Election Official


Once election officers have received an official assignment to work the election, they must complete a training class.  Assignment emails are customized each election to notify the election officer what type of training they must complete.  Links:
Online Training


This section offers resources and forms election officers sometimes need to complete before an election.
Election Officer Oath
Election Officer Assignment Lookup (for officers assigned to the Nov 3 election)